baden inteligente de velocidad

This Intelligent Speed Bump (BIV) is based in Non-Newtonian fluids dynamics in which particles in natural movement as liquid align when receiving an impact, thus entering into a solid state. This fluid is also biodegradable and harmless for human beings.This fluid inside the BIV is the solution to vehicles at sensible speed that will find no obstacle when driving over it.

The other essential element to achieve the BIV is the plastic covering made of a special material highly resistant to aging, wear, vandalism and unfavorable weather conditions. Our plastics are planned for recycling purposes so that we can ensure sustainability by reusing disposed plastics. 

BIV is a new speed bump that guarantees effectiveness at exceeding speed regardless vehicles' type or weight. The speed limitation that we set will be effective for every user at the road.

Installations is a fast and simple procedure by screwing up the metal plates onto the pavement in 15 minutes.

This Intelligent Speed Bump is registered and patented worldwide with the aim of improving road traffic and road safety:

  • Reduces the possibility of traffic accidents and fatigue caused to shock absorbers.
  • Reduces pollution, fuel consumption and noise pollution caused by continuous bumping

Currently BIV is available for indoor activities: Parking lots, Garage and Covered areas.

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