BADENNOVA's aim is to satisfy and guarantee our clients' satisfaction as a highly qualified company in road safety Research, Development and innovations. We are committed to a Greener World and provide a better future by reducing our impact in the Environment.

Our philosophy makes it essential to:

  • Ensure our clients receive the best service we can provide.
  • Meet all all applicable laws, rules and regulations for our activities.
  • Cumplimiento de requisitos legales y requisitos implícitos que nos sean aplicables en razón de nuestra actividad, tanto en el ámbito del desempeño de nuestros servicios como en el ámbito medioambiental de nuestras actividades.
  • Establish action plans for preventing accidents.
  • Provide information and training to our staff for a better quality service and Environmental Management.
  • Set Quality and Sustainability as a core value in our corporate culture.

Our executive office under our General Policy will establish the means and actions to be taken to achieve these goals. Badennova is committed to promoting this Policy and providing the highest values for our providers, clients, workers and community.

16th may 2011 in Malaga, Spain

D. José Antonio Aguilera Galeote
CEO and founder



Committment to Environment

We are concerned about safety and our Environment. The BIV is a speed reducer device designed after Green Requirements with biodegradable fluids and ready to recycle and reuse plastic materials. We also contribute in reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumpting, apart from eliminating noise pollution significantly.


The TÜV Certifications (Technischer Überwachungs-Verein) that we obtained ensure that we give a Quality service taking care of our Environment. This German company is an international agency specialised in Quality garantees, examining and studying our processes to certify our Quality. Every two years we pass Certifications tests that ensure we are fully responsible with Quality.

ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004

In Quality and Environment prove our requirements to meet the international standards.

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