Social corporate Responsibility

Badennova is committed to Social corporate Responsibility through ensuring maximum quality at every level. Trust in what we do and how we do it is our only wish.



Our Quality and Sustainability Policy is our guide to verify that we are committed to a Greener World. Apart from the certifications by TÜV gave us we are a team of people concerned about reducing, recycling and reducing. Our fluids are biodegradable and the plastic materials used can be transformed and used in other products. We like to develop products that will not effect negatively on any future generation.


Gender Equality

We strongly believe in an egalitarian workplace with equal treatment and opportunities for men and women. Therefore we try to apply a neutral and non-sexist language and promote gender equality and fight sex discrimination.



Think global, act local is out motto to contribute developing economically our local community to help develop a global society.



We know that the best part in our company is the workforce behind the RDI, that is why we promote talent and healthy lifestyle. Part of our corporate culture is Champions' breakfast, every morning we take a break together to help raise a good vibe at work and promote Mediterranean diet. As Victor Pauchet stated: the most productive work is the one that comes from a satisfied person.