Badennova started in 2009 with the aim of developing a revolutionary innovative idea: a smart speed bump that would only affect vechicles at an exceeding speed. Jose A. Aguilera initiated this entrepreneurial adventure raising funds to carry on his research on BIV (intelligent Speed Bump in Spanish) and obtaining the first patents the following year.

In 2010 the awards came, both nationally and internationally the BIV prototypes were given recognisition among other innovations in road safety.

In 2012 an important collaboration agreement was signed with the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), receiving public funds to keep investigating new systems of road safety.

During these years many institutions have relied on our expertise, such as University of Malaga,Andaltec, Andalusian Technology Park (PTA), and Promalaga, were we are currently established.

Around our company there is an enormous team of technicians and experts that gathered to carry this project out. We promote Research Development and Innovation Made in spain.



2010 was a great year for Badennova after emerging as a pioneer in road safety innovation. FESVIAL is a national award in Spain that the Spanish Foundation for Road Safety gave us in the category Innovations. That same year, after attending Intertraffic Amsterdam Expo we were honored with the award of Innovations in Road Safety. Our road to success was just started.

In 2013 the Spanish Road Technological Platform has honored us with the Annual Road Infrastructure Innovation Prize in the category of Entrepreneurs.

badennova premio fesvial badennova premio intertrafic badennova premio PTCarretera



Research, develop and apply innovative products using state-of-the-art technologies that contribute to improve safety and life quality.



Badennova aims to become a model in road safety, promoting innovative solutions with a Global thinking and a serious commitment to our clients and the Environment


Live our values

  • Innovation: improvements and innovations to obtain maximum quality.
  • People: ensure our success comes from our professional team.
  • Safety and Health: prevention is the key to promote a healthy culture.
  • Teamwork: we share the same aim and we work together to get it.
  • Client first: our efforts are focused on the satisfaction of clients and users.
  • Integrity: Respect and professionality guaranteed.